Thursday, January 29, 2015

Facts People of Earth Need to Know about Biotech Chemical Corporations and the FDA

IF GMO’S ARE SO SAFE AND WONDERFUL WHY DOES BIOTECH OPPOSE LABELING? . . . . I don’t buy the cost argument, no one is asking them to change anything in production. Companies change labels all of the time without additional costs to consumers. Every company in the world promotes their products to consumers except predators like Monsanto who obviously has much to hide. We have the right to know what is in the food we buy and eat and I don’t care what biotech thinks about labeling, this is not their choice, it’s ours as consumers. Another lesser known reason they are against labeling is because of traceability, accountability or liability. If they are not listed on the contents panel on foods they cannot be held responsible for any adverse repercussions. Even clothing has a label with the ingredients and country of origin.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF GMO’S TO CONSUMERS? . . . . How will consuming GMO tainted foods make my life better. Do they taste better, will I be healthier, will I live longer, is it a better way to get your children to eat more processed, junk or fast foods? They claim we are too stupid to understand labeling. GMO foods may cost less but that savings is offset with higher medical bills and the need of prescription drugs. Organic food promotes better taste and health, GMO’s cannot make that claim. Peer reviews swing both ways depending on who's writing them so don't accept their demands for proof, it’s their responsibility to provide proof which is slanted in their favor. As for claims to feeding the world, hunger is caused by poverty, not food shortages.

WHO BENEFITS THE MOST FROM GMO’S? , , , , That should be obvious. . . Chemical companies and factory farms stand to benefit the most with increased profits, regardless of the effects their unproven science and toxic chemicals has on people, animals, beneficial bacteria, pollinating insects and the environment. Since the introduction of GMO’s twenty years ago Autism, Food Allergies, Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes and a host of Bowel Problems have skyrocketed, We weigh more and have more co-morbid conditions than ever before. We spend a fortune on health in the US, more than any other industrialized nation, yet we have “fallen behind peer countries in terms of improvements in population health.” We eat more GMOs than any other country" and yet they will claim there is no correlation, you just have to connect the dots. Processed foods are creating a nation of sick people and a lost generation of children raised on these unhealthy foods. Ignoring the precautionary principle the FDA is guilty of dereliction of duty for not protecting consumers from these predatory companies…

DOES IT MAKE SENSE? . . . that toxic chemical manufacturers Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, Syngenta, Bayer, BASF, ADM, Con-Agra, Cargill and the biotech industry should be in charge of our food? We have lost touch with where our food comes from. One of the specialties of chemical companies is making life killing compounds like PCB’s, Polystyrene, DDT, Dioxin, Agent Orange, Petroleum Based Fertilizers, Dicamba, Glyphosate, Terminator Genes, Aspartame, bT Toxin, Posilac a Bovine Growth Hormone. The biotech industry keeps touting GMO ‘benefits and safety’ like a narcissistic madman on steroids despite a complete lack of valid peer reviews while they corrupt politicians to pass legislation detrimental to consumers. Please share this post and spread the word…

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