Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How Biotech Is Co-opting Organic Food

Some of the biggest organic players have been playing ball with Big Agra for a while, and have ironed out a "coexistence" policy. Meanwhile, the Rockefeller Foundation and others have been directing the future of food, branding the social impact of foods as a future market trend, while suggesting using recognizable brands that have been bought by multi-national corporations as a platform for growth.
Who is who, and who is playing both sides of the game... This is a very important video...

A comment on the video: "Do a video report on the Stock Market. It totally applies to this video because you can see all those "progressive" food companies were taken over by the elite global food corporations. The elites created the Stock Market as a means for them to gain control of all business that could challenge their dominance. That's how the "good" companies get gobbled up and ultimately ruined. The Stock market is a scam hiding in plain site. People don't know it's true purpose is total monopoly control."

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