Friday, July 26, 2013

Humans are Mammals, and Have Parasites...Like Monsanto is to the our Bodies...

This is my illness from ‪‎pesticide‬ poisoning a calcium cascade with necrosis..."The researchers hypothesized that the death fluorescence originates from a cascade of necrosis, which is driven predominantly by calcium ions signaling cells to stop functioning. When the researchers turned off that chemical’s transport through the worm’s body by using binding proteins and engineered nematodes with special mutations that blocked signaling molecules, they could reduce death fluorescence and partially delay death due to causes such as infection and freezing. When they attempted to block this same pathway while the worms were in the process of succumbing to death by old age, however, they could not slow the inevitable. “This suggests that aging causes death by a number of processes acting in parallel,” Gems said.

Nonetheless, the research suggests that death, in these worms at least, is closely associated with the gut. But questions still remain: Does freezing and infection target the digestive systems of these worms, and blocking calcium signaling allows the gut to remain intact and the worm to survive? In the case of death by old age, does other systems fail first, leading to an eventual shutdown of the digestive system, triggering death fluorescence? Answering these questions, of course, will take more research.

Furthermore, because mammals and C. elegans share similar necrotic pathways, the study’s authors hypothesize that studying nematodes may lead to insights into how death goes about its business in other animals, and, perhaps, even elucidate ways to delay that process."

Dog heart worms are human round worms???... And if you get poisoned by pesticide they die in your body and cause inflammation? Like happened to me...Could not move for a year my body and the muscles and joints so swollen...Then of course the blood cells sticking together as my calcium function cascades to a necrotic condition in my organs inside and arms and legs...(which I almost lost- just a few finger parts though-it has taken 5 years to get back to normal)

"Role of Wolbachia[edit]
Wolbachia pipientis is an intracellular bacterium that is an endosymbiont of Dirofilaria immitis. All heartworms are thought to be infected with Wolbachia to some degree. Research indicates the inflammation occurring at the die-off of adult heartworms or larvae is in part due to the release of Wolbachia bacteria or protein into the tissues. This may be particularly significant in cats, in which the disease seems to be more related to larval death than living adult heartworms (see below). Treating heartworm-positive animals with an antibiotic such as doxycycline to remove Wolbachia may prove to be beneficial, but further studies are necessary."

Ever notice that docs never check for parasites. The Rockefeller controlled medical field doesn't even try to see if this is your problem. They lead people to believe that humans are not an animal and do not get parasites... WRONG.!
"The Facts are the facts. Hulda Clark was in fact, very, very accurate with her science on parasites. Be aware that the Rockefellers/Rothschilds make a ton of money off of people being sick. So of course they would try to make Dr. Clark look like a quack. People need to be aware that Lunatics do indeed run most governments on this planet. Westerners like us in the US, live in a big bubble of lies - and as long as we allow it, it will continue to happen!"

“that UBCM ask the British Columbia government to legislate the prohibition of importing, exporting and growing plants and seeds containing genetically engineered DNA, and raising GE animals within BC, and to declare, through legislation, that BC is a GE Free area in respect to all plant and animal species."

May I recommend three important sources of information on GE crops and animals? The first is GMO Myths and Truths, a synthesis of 600 scientific studies carried out by three geneticists, and published in 2012

Want to to learn what you are not being told?... People do not do things to destroy their health, community and future...for a few bucks in the pocket....‪‎Corporations do.
Their main objective is the expense of any, or all that encounter the profit machine. There is no ‪‎human‬ ‪‎profit‬ in Pesticides and GMOs... and the other beings that humans disregard like fish, birds, reefs, ...Just think anything you can imagine... Before the ‪GMO‬ planting the soil needs to be sterilized...Just how do you think that is done, and does this mean to kill everything in the soil? Death to the‪ deathwalkers‬ of ‪Monsanto‬. Where ever they go every living thing must die to make a profit from... killed by "PROGRESS" and gone; never to live again....or to exist on Earth...Extinction.
Petitioning all municipal mayor and councillors in BC
Vote YES for a GE/GMO Free BC at the UBCM September 2013 Convention

Save a few bucks and do not go to Starbucks...

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