Thursday, March 31, 2011

Egyptian Consulate, Chicago, and Middle Eastern Chamber of Commerce

Operative words "Chamber of Commerce" in the title relates to this blog  this group helped push through the S.510/Food "Safety" Laws. The name seems to have some sort of power. I think people who are part of this group should know what they are representitive of.
I applied for a job at the Chicago Egyptian Consulate in 1991. While waiting in reception I read the Middle Eastern States Chamber of Commerce Magazine on the coffee table. Every single ad was for guns, tanks, soilders uniforms and a spy briefcase.
In my interview with the consular I said, "the magazine was not something to leave out like that as it was all about war. And how is war helpful to the commerce of any country, although I did like the spy briefcase." He told me to chat with his assistant awhile, and I was then led back to reception.
The magazine was gone, and replaced with the Muslim Koran...opened to the pages that said women were nothing and need to keep their mouth shut. All kinds of passages like that. So, I did not get the job.

Here's a good one. added on August 16, 2011 an article from June 2011 about the US Chamber of Commerce. About blocking regulation on BPA. As you read this blog you will learn more on this Gender changing hormone distructive chemical in plastic.

August 19, 2011
Revealed: Fake Facebook Identity Used By Military Contractors Plotting To Hack Progressive Organizations

 "And second, that late in 2010, the same set of firms began work separately for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a Republican-aligned corporate lobbying group, to develop a similar campaign of sabotage against progressive organizations, including the SEIU and ThinkProgress."

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