Saturday, November 20, 2010

US Senate Food Fight

Writing on the blog today to tell on the story of Monsanto doing it's best to try and rule the world.
     I have been fighting hard on the 3 FB pages that are the badges here. The Millions Against Monsanto one has been uncovered as a fake. Pretty much knew for quite a few months. When I started to take action on Senate Bill S.510, which is Monsanto's attempt to get the lock on our government, there was some strange resistance. There was activity on their page with different people commenting which got my strange feeling alert up too. The group is sponsored by the Organic Consumers Association.
     This group called me 4 times in the past 30 days for money, even stranger. They were silent on S.510, and I was really wondering. So the other day I saw they had made a post, and brought up S.510. I went, and saw the post on their page. Most of the comments were Monsanto is evil, but others were it's OK the Testor amendment will stop all the bad things that will supposedly happen.
     Of course I correct those comments with the info on the bill which showed how it gave absolute power to the Gov. The power came in the form of changing USC Code and Federal Law with just two strike outs and insertions. The parts of death and serious harm to humans and animals. These parts were changed to reason to believe. Wait a minute ...If the Gov. believes something and that is the law; how can someone win in court? Only a King can believe something and make it law. This was so wrong.. 
So I tell this and show it.
     Not to mention Codex Alimentarius, my goodness sake give up our sovereignty? Who are they kidding...The prison convict Nazi War criminal of IG Farben (see my link Nazi war criminals) his idea and plot with a friend who was in the WTO (world trade organization) see this has nothing to do with health. It's about trade, money, greed, power.
     An hour later surfing the web looking for info on this subject I found a statement made by OCA, where they themselves said don't worry there is an amendment organic producers and small farms will not be affected by the Food Safety laws. Proof...But after I had posted it MAM's post on S.510 (called them frauds) and shared it on my pages ...POOF the page I found the quote came down MIA. Not only that happened. Later that day around the time we who pushed so hard to stop this, watched a new vote on cloture where 19 Senators who had orginally voted yes to get it this point were withdrawing there support.     
     Which gives us 10 more days to wake people up, RALLY and  REBEL.  Right then I lost access to this page (coming in through back door right now and this may not post) and my personal FB page, as well as my Jon Stewart expose Monsanto bill S.510, which I admin....I was shut down. Lucky I went to Devry Institute for Technology for computer science. And can sit and write this...Besides the right to know how to read and write.
     You see, OCA, Monsanto is the operative word here. And if you were doing the job you claim to be, you would know about this attempt by Monsanto to take over. I believe you are a con. And con's Piracy, including the so called revolving door, against the United States is treason.  REMEMBER when we come for you. You are all being held to account.
I am getting another FB page and I have a backup for this one and,also have sent my Senators a note...
    By the way those innocents who are reading this. The night before last I prayed and prayed all night, fasting. At 3am or so I was standing in my yard, praying and what do I see ....A red truck pull up to my yard, the only yard around, the river is on the other side, and stop. The guy sat there then saw me...We looked at each other. He backed up quick all the way down to the parking entrance below to get turned around. I saw as he left a square tank, with a nozzle and a hose on it. Damn, a poison sprayer...Oh my God...Lucky I was praying. All this blog, and this big fight was my response to being poisoned, and almost dieing from Roundup. Even in small amounts they can hurt us all.
     I have sent this letter to all Senators by fax (well half way through the list). Stopped because I found out we earned 10 more days, until after Thanksgiving. But they will all get it and more. I have plans to let them all know they have a heart and it works in conjunction with the brain in their head. When they feel that they will all vote NO. Such a good feeling and way to live. Better then filling yourself with a nothing that can never fill it.
As far as my health it is still bad and my Kidneys are hurting bad again...CAN YOU BELIEVE they poisoned the river AGAIN. Kids were swimming in it 2 days later.
Here's the letter:

Dear Senators,
Yesterday while you were in the Cloak Room trying to figure out the 4 NO and 16 will not vote Senator situation. My access to FB and my personal Blog access was terminated. Even saying there was no such blog.
You know my blog the one that points fingers and calls out the travesty of the people in the United States being poisoned to Death by certain people who care only for money, power and control.
   Is this an undeclared war against the USA? I believe so. The con's Piracy of Monsanto, and the so called revolving door, which is a conspiracy by Monsanto; by individuals taking positions back and forth between Monsanto and our Governments positions is wrong, especially in the case of Michael Taylor...the supposed Food Czar...
If you cared you would find out what the truth really is. By letting this bill S.510 pass we are all sunk, do not think yourselves will not also be sunk in the same way... These corporate factions take no prisoners. None are immune to their poison.
I thought you worked for the people, stand for the people.
I will tell people the truth...The truth will set us free. Closing down my website to me and my Facebook sites must either make you laugh, or seriously concerns you.

Love and Peace for All is One.
Kimberly Usher

PS Just so you know where my surname Usher comes from. The Usher personage goes every year to the House of Lords, and bangs with a staff on the bolted door, locked to the common man, as the Lords do business that affects them. The yearly ceremony has the usher, as he bangs for the door to open, with  the House of Commons standing behind him. The Lords relent and open the door. The common man or the House of Commons enters to be heard and count in the governance of the country.
There was much the common man had to do to take their rights for this to happen. The ceremony is done
yearly to remind the Lords and all others we have the right and we will take it.

Go to the side column page "S.510 HERE" for bill parts discussion.

And also if you go to my profile it will direct you to nice blog of this blog you can share about pesticides, and a backup blog from the Jon Stewart expose Monsanto Bill S.510 I backed up a while ago.


  1. ...Do you trust the FDA and Monsanto? Or even trust they are here to "help us"? Look how straight from the S.510 bill it changes USC Code and Federal Law...Can you believe what they "believe"? Can you believe that there can be a law that says what a Government "believes" is the law? How is it possible to ever win in court if whatever the Gov. Believes is the law?.
    from the S.510 bill...Can't make this up.
    (a) In General- Section 304(h)(1)(A) (21 U.S.C. 334(h)(1)(A)) is amended by--
    (1) striking `credible evidence or information indicating' and inserting `reason to believe'; and
    (2) striking `presents a threat of serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals' and inserting `is adulterated or misbranded under section 403(w)'

    The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn't. What the FDA IS doing and what the public THINKS it's doing are as different as night and day." - Herbert Lay, M.D., Former FDA

    Elena Kagan wrote the brief for Monsanto in the Greersons farms VS Monsanto Alfalfa GMO in the Supreme

    Court this past June. The Monsanto's lawyer in the end said in open court that the objection to GMOs was psychologically based. An argument that claims you are imagining this is not a premise to a legal argument.

    When my husband said I was imagining things I saw in his behavior, I told him the door was not imaginary and to use it. Single and loving it for 10 years. Kim

  2. As far as Codex Alimentarius treaty implementation with the S.510: What is Codex?

    These people are the only common men allowed to talk in these meetings and they have followed it 10 years.

    Find out what Codex Alimentarius is:

    Codex is a Trade agreement, nothing to do with good nutritious food or our health. Politically appointed

    Fat Cats, with industry ties::which is their main focus, are voting on and making decisions for American Citizens.

    How do you think they vote? LOL Exactly right. For themselves. How much chemicals and toxins do you think are going to be allowed in our food supply? Just enough so we do not drop dead, and if we do the FDA will not believe it was the toxins...It is Lupus, or some other auto-immune disease. Our bodies attacking itself,
    not chemicals attacking, but ourselves attacking ourself...Crazy.

  3. The discussions on both group FB pages have posts of me trying to dissect this bill. Check em out.

  4. Toxic Revelations; Censored information on
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    An incomplete version is
    Toxic Revelations
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    Homicide Charges For Corporations
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    Peer Reviewed Medical Journal on Chronic
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